BELOIT, Wis. – BubbleBrain™, Patch Products’ newest board game, has won seven toy awards:
The National Parenting Center’s Holiday 2006 Seal of Approval, game category.

Baby Zone’s 2006 Amazing Toy Awards, age 10 and over category.

FamilyFun’s Toy of the Year, age 10–12 game category.

Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products for 2006.

National Association for Gifted Children’s 2006 Holiday Educational Toy List.

iParenting Media Awards’ Greatest Products of 2006.

2006 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, kids’ board game category.

In BubbleBrain, players make up funny captions for candid photos and then try to guess what player wrote which caption. The winner is the first player to make it around the bubble-shaped board. The game includes more than 300 photos plus bubble stickers so players can make up captions for their own photos. The game is for 4 to 8 players, ages 10 to adult.
Reviewers for The National Parenting Center said: “We’ve all seen those contests that ask you to fill in the funniest caption for a photo. Now Patch Products has turned it into a great Family Game Night game. Even if you never thought of yourself as particularly funny, we think you'll surprise yourself and your fellow game players. Some pictures seem to write themselves while others will put your comic skills to the test. The game really is best if lots of people play, so break it out after a big family holiday dinner. We guarantee you will laugh long and hard and perhaps even work off enough to have room for dessert.”
In announcing the 2006 Amazing Toy Awards, Baby Zone said: “Oh how we loved BubbleBrain. Let us count the ways: 1. It kept us laughing for hours. 2. Everyone who watched a round wanted to join in. 3. Each player has an equal chance to win regardless of age. Patch has done it again with another award-winning board game.”

Disney Publishing Worldwide publishes FamilyFun, the country’s No. 1 family magazine. More than 1,000 kids from around the country play-tested 480 entries, voted on their favorites and then selected 42 Toy of the Year winners. They are featured in the November issue.
“ To win this whimsical game, our testers dreamed up funny captions for a series of blank photographs, then tried to guess which one-liner belonged to which quipster,” the game review said. “Even better than winning was snickering at all the punch lines along the way.”
BubbleBrain was among thousands of products evaluated for the iParenting Media Awards’ Greatest Products of 2006.

“ I really enjoyed how fun it was to play this game with the family. You got to learn a lot about how the others in your family think. We had a great time making up sayings and sometimes we laughed so hard it hurt,” an iParenting Media Awards’ reviewer said.
Dr. Toy, who is child development authority Stevanne Auerbach, developed the 100 Best Children’s Products awards program as a service to consumers who want to buy safe, affordable, educational-oriented and stimulating toys for children.

“ This is a creative bluffing game your child will enjoy,” Auerbach said. “Young learners will develop communication skills and engage with imagination with this silly game that is sure to make you laugh.”
The National Association for Gifted Children’s 2006 Holiday Educational Toy List was released in the September issue of Parenting for High Potential, a magazine devoted to providing articles and resources to parents of high potential youth.

“ If you like to think about what other people MUST be thinking, or if you see pictures and invent your own wacky thought captions to accompany the images, then this game is for you,” the article in Parenting for High Potential said about BubbleBrain. “The toys included in this year’s list represent the great features that a game should include to truly captivate and challenge the mind; they build skills, build interests and provide opportunities for creativity and fun.”

As a Preferred Choice Award winner, BubbleBrain will be featured in the holiday issue of Creative Child magazine.